Art & Music Room

Aesthetic education plays an important role in the universal development of a child. It takes into consideration the child’s creative growth and intuitive perceptions, besides inculcating a deep, lasting appreciation and enjoyment of art. The enormous Art-cum-Sculpture Room is a creative hub which provides both space and opportunity for a wide range of activities including drawing, painting, poster making, sculpting etc. Pupils are taught basic knowledge of colours as well as theory of art. Students are exposed to the language of art such as: line, shape, colour, texture, pattern and form. Children learn to utilize their creativity and express it in a constructed way. Each child’s creation is unique and helps in creating as well as building confidence and self-esteem. Students who have opted for subject art and craft as their hobby are offered various activities like:

  • Oil painting on canvas
  • Various folk arts belong to different states like: Madhubani etc.
  • Rugs making with old clothes.
  • Bird house with waste plastic bottle.
  • Pot making with cement and old clothes, diya making.


Music is a form of art. It is an expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies. Music is also a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like. To foster a positive attitude towards learning and curiosity we have a well maintained Music Room. Artistic education develops the whole brain and child’s imagination.
The musical orchestra of our school cultivates the joy of musical expression. It comprises of many instruments like guitar, harmonium, tabla, congo, drum set, piano, dafly, marras, dholki and many more. It creates opportunities for young musicians to build confidence through practice. The scent of musical showers can be felt as well as the beats win our hearts. Inter house Shabad-Gayan competitions, group songs, mime shows, Music Olympiads, inter house competitions, patriotic orchestra competitions are held in the school.

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