Assessment is an integral part of instruction in Career Academy to determine the understanding of subject matter which is critical to learning process. Teachers use Diagnostic, Formative and Summative assessment spread across the Full Academic year to meet the educational standards and goals set by the schools. Teachers and HOD’s decide next steps in planning their pedagogy based on feedback of students to plug the learning gaps and arrange remedial teaching to achieve academic excellence.

The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. Assessment for the purpose of improving student learning is seen as both “assessment for learning” and “assessment as learning”. As part of assessment for learning, teachers provide students with descriptive feedback and coaching for improvement. Teachers engage in assessment as learning by helping all students develop their capacity to be independent, autonomous learners who are able to set individual goals, monitor their own progress, determine next steps, and reflect on their thinking and learning.

Teachers obtain assessment information through a variety of means, which may include formal and informal observations, discussions, learning conversations, questioning, conferences, homework, tasks done in groups, demonstrations, projects, portfolios, Lab Work, Seminars performances, peer and self-assessments, self-reflections, essays, and tests.


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