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Career Academy follows the CBSE curriculum to prepare students for class 10 Board Exams. Career Academy offers a well-rounded curriculum encompassing both academics & co-curricular. We believe in stretching the limits of child and make him come out of comfort zone by giving a challenging and rigorous   academic level in core subjects of:

Math – includes core Math, Vedic & Abacus.

Science – includes projects, experiences and activities.

Social Science – PPTs, workshops & projects


  • English – All four modules of Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening – ESL Lab, debating & dramas
  • Hindi & Punjabi – Activities based on Poetry Recitation, Declamation, Essay Writing Comp.

General knowledge, Mental Ability and Current Affairs

Information Technology – Lab Activities, Quizzes, Online Tests

Health & Physical Education – Daily PT & Yoga Session, Sports

Co-curricular – Robotics, Art, Music – Vocal & Instrumental, Eco club, Social Activity Club, Literary, Olympiads & GK Club.

  • The curriculum and teaching methodology revolves around understanding of key concepts and ideas especially in Mathematics and Sciences. A sound base of care fundamentals is the key to academic achievement and successful career.
  • Curriculum understanding is encouraged through a plethora of teaching methodologies – theme based, activity based, project & experimentation, remedial teaching of core concepts, hands on learning experiences through projects and educational visits.
  • The teaching process is further facilitated through ICT-Smart wi-fi, Google Classrooms, subject specialty lab of Science, English & Math.
  • Our classrooms create opportunities for real life application, innovation, creating and visualization which will set the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills to prepare them for job market.
  • Our healthy CTR (Child Teacher Ratio) facilitates individualized attention, problem solving and understanding & apply differentiated teaching styles.
  • Taking a cue from Howard Gardener MI multiple intelligence approach, constructed learning experience through multi-sensory teaching and enquiry-based approach would entrance the 4C’s of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creating so relevant in 21st
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