Vedic Math/ ABACUS


The children of today are gearing up to become the global citizens of tomorrow. At Career Academy School we seek to engage the mind, body and spiritual development of each child. So, to hone the mathematical skills of students we utilize a structural approach of Vedic Maths. It develops various kinds of problem solving and calculation techniques  to promote the traditional knowledge of Mathematics mastered by the mathematicians of ancient India. Students at Career Academy learn Vedic Mathematics’ to do shorter and quicker  calculations. They follow the book written by Arun Bhatia.


We, at Career Academy School, give importance to learning in an interesting and interactive manner.  Students fear maths and quick calculations is a dream. With the introduction of abacus this fear has turned into confidence and calculations are done faster than blink of an eye. Abacus is considered as one of the quickest way of calculating and learning maths. It  enhances the concentration and also improves learning abilities. It fosters fast calculation skills. Abacus sharpens observation and mental visualisation skills.  It enhances retention power of brain and helps in solving mathematical problems like subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. It also prepare them for future competitive exams.

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