Math Lab


Math’s has been taught theoretically from text books and  teachers mostly resort to Chalk and Board technique. At Career Academy, Math lab facilitates Sensory-Motor learning especially in primary classes where students learn better with hands-on projects using mathematical equipment. Only at later stage, they are able to analyze and visualize the abstract concepts of Maths like: Trigonometry, Algebra and Mensuration.
 Our Maths curriculum comprises of Abacus and Vedic Math’s classes for Primary students where students learn the quick and complex mathematical calculations in split of seconds.

 Vedic Math techniques are used from grades 4th to 8th for fast and easy calculations of squaring, multiplication, division, addition etc.

 Mental ability & reasoning: To develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, reasoning and mental ability worksheets are solved by the students.

This breaks the monotony of Maths and helps them to prepare for competitive exams like: SAT, SSAT, GMAT,CLAT, CAT, Civil Services and other Govt jobs.


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