ESL & Robotics Lab


Career Academy School’s ESL Lab has been proving a useful yardstick to enrich the basic language skills for the struggling pupils and foster confidence in them. The four essential skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and writing are taught to enable students to develop meaningful communication. Various soft skills like self-reflection, empathy, leadership, compassion, moral values, inclusiveness and non-verbal communication are a part of this learning strategy based on Indo-Canadian curriculum.

The infrastructure comprises of Google-enabled smart room, interview corner, specialized ASL gadgets and a special library access with a trained ESL faculty  builds a conducive environment for teaching –learning process as well as going through different levels- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

This unparalled experience will boost this global language into the learner for sailing smoothly in this competitive world.

Robotic Lab

Career Academy has collaborated with RoboGenius Company in setting up a state of the art” Robotics Lab” to facilitate STEM education. The robotics field is growing at an incredible rate, and students are benefitting from the inclusion of robotics in STEM education. Robotics in the classroom has positive results on students such as encouraging students to pursue more STEM career paths and develop the necessary 21st century skills that will enable them for success in the future.

Students are engaged into the learning process using hands-on robotics activities platforms to instill scientific temperament and foster innovation & creativity. These activities designed are in-line with topics covered in the curriculum of CBSE. And are powered by LEGO Education, a renowned tool to impart hands-on, which is High quality product, durable, child safe and scalable platform for students to imagine & build virtually limitless models.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is important and critical as it is apparent & perceived in our lives from every other angle. We are surrounded by the science ad it touched every part of our life in some or other way. The continuous and increasing use of technology has also become an integral part of our life. Engineering is the vast field of designing bridges to roads and from the environment to our homes. Mathematics exists in every sector, business or industry, even plays a vital role in our lives.

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