Financial Aid Since 2004

Career Academy, a CBSE school got Affiliation in 2004. The school was opened in the memory of Jasbir Kaur Bhatia. She was Multi-talented woman and a school teacher. Career Academy is located on Bhadson Road, Patiala and is well known for quality education. It was the first school in Patiala district to tie up with The Tribune to cultivate the reading habits. Each year we get 100% CBSE result and it is one of the few school marked by CBSE as ‘Mentor school ‘ for other CBSE schools. Career Academy is a vibrant place with lot of activities, to know more about school visit

Each year we provide scholarship and financial aid under Career Aid Scheme to deserving student.

Career Academy provided financial aid, since 2004 through Jasbir Kaur Memorial Education Society.

  Financial Aid 2004-05 Rs. 54,000/-
  Financial Aid 2006-07 Rs. 96,500/-
  Financial Aid 2008-09 Rs. 1,12,000/-
  Financial Aid 2010-11 Rs. 1,55,200/-
  Financial Aid 2012-13 Rs. 2,86,400/-
  Financial Aid 2014-15 Rs. 5,30,000/-
  Financial Aid 2016-17 Rs. 6,70,200/-
  Financial Aid 2018-19 Rs. 8,78,800/-
  Financial Aid 2019-20 Rs. 9,90,000/-
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