In our kindergarten program, we provide a bridge between the magical, creative playfulness of preschool and the emerging cognitive development of the elementary years.

The Career Academy’s kindergarten program incorporates the very best child- centred educational approaches; including Montessori and Canadian Curriculum without being constrained by any one of them. Our program emphasizes creative, imaginative play and experiential learning to develop physical dexterity, early literacy, math skills, problem-solving abilities, oriented learning and acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills.

Our learning environment encourages the development of important social, emotional and personal skills such as listening, identifying and communicating needs, cooperation, confidence, self-reliance and empathy.

Our Kindergarten program features include:


  1. Learn through inquiry, ask questions, think critically and develop problem-solving skills
  2. Work individually, with a partner or in groups
  3. Develop a sense of international-mindedness, exploring cultural differences and others’ perceptions and perspectives
  4. Engage in learning activities in the areas of practical life, sensory development, math, language, art, science and social studies
  5. Develop social skills through collaborative play
  6. Practice grace and courtesy


A balance of structure and flexibility that allows for the natural development of each child’s physical, emotional and cognitive skills.A beautiful, orderly environment to entice     children to explore and to reinforce their innate sense of curiosity.Outdoor space adjoined to each classroom, allowing for large motor play time and additional natural space for exploration, in addition to a large common playground space.

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