Principal Message

It is  indeed  a  feeling  of  honour  and  prestige to be at   the helm of  affairs  of  Career  Academy  – an  institution which dedicates  itself to making the learning process a challenging, rewarding  and  joyful experience.  The Philosophy of school with its motto “A  school  with  a  difference” Propounding to provide  lifelong  education  upholding  the   values  of  truth, honesty   and  integrity.  A  blend  of tradition and modernity, this institution imparts a natural impetus towards a careerians quest for excellence.

Mahatma Gandhi once said,” literary education is of no value, it is not able to build up a sound character”. Education at Career Academy is not just about the knowledge of books and syllabi, but it extends its connotation to more than this. We strike to uphold the cultural and ethical values, keeping a harmonious blend of tradition, modernity and the contemporary trends of education which are inculcated, keeping in mind the tenets of values and morals, so that the students develop a strong mind and character.

The Teaching-Learning Process empowers the young saplings, ready to absorb the warm sunshine, grow and blossom into mature human beings, who will not only excel in all that they do but will also help others, with a feeling of healthy camaraderie.

The students get an opportunity to excel in academics, sports and co- curricular fields keeping in mind the latest trends of education. The school’s infrastructure is fully equipped so as to help the students utilize their innate potential to the Zenith. Endeavours are made to incorporate the latest ICT Tends to facilitate and augment the unending vistas of education.

         We believe that the Teachers and Parents should work in concord and euphony to nurture and nourish the young minds well. So, that they not only homogenize well in society, but become great leaders of tomorrow.

  “ तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ” – may darkness be dispelled and light prevail.
 “ मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय”  – may the destruction forces of Ignorance be overcome and eternal bliss prevail.

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