In Career Academy, the Lesson plans are scientifically researched and aligned to the individual needs of child, Moreover they are based on the Multiple –Intelligence and Multi-Sensory approach eventually leading to rigorous and robust concept understanding.  Teachers use Constructivist approach which incorporates Project –work, Inquiry – based learning putting the child at the Centre of learning

  • Well-structured curriculum, focused on holistic approach.
  • Learning in a sequential manner from easy to complex.
  • Interactive classroom sessions using board and audio-visual aids.
  • Penetration of digital technologies into education through Google enabled classrooms.
  • Extensively designed strategies for instructions to meet curriculum requirements.
  • Group discussions, seminars, discussions, debates, presentations to develop confidence, poise and knowledge.
  • Language literacy and content area knowledge through speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.
  • Enriched learning through role plays, dramatics, story- telling, poetry recitation, music, wide range of artistic and hands on activities.
  • Vedic mathematics for developing proficiency in numeracy.
  • Weekly worksheets for reinforcement of concepts and understanding
  • Group projects, research papers, Lab practical, social survey, satiated by highly expertise faculty.
  • Integral general knowledge classes for understanding social, political, geographical, cultural environment alongside career perspectives, interest, aptitude, strengths of individual student.
  • Remedial classes for mandated knowledge and practice
  • Intuitive assessments integrated into each subject for better identification of strengths and weaknesses of each child.
  • Extra-curricular activities, sports, Olympiads, cultural events initiated to students for their holistic development
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