Monthly Transport Fee varies from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 . The charges can change with the change in price of fuel and other expenses.

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Bus Routes:           

Bus No.1  

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.Career Academy6:35 AM
2.Manjeet Nagar6:45 AM
3.Anand Nagar-B St. No.16:55 AM
4.Cheema Chowk7:15 AM
5.Ranjit Nagar7:25 AM
6.Career Academy7:45 AM

Bus No.2

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.Career Academy6:30 AM
2.Harinder nagar6:45 AM
 3.Rattan Nagar6:50 AM
4.Anad Nagar-B7:00 AM
5. Ekta Vihar7:15 AM
6. Deep Nagar7:25 AM
 7.Ranjit Nagar7:35 AM
8.Career Academy7:45 AM

Bus No.4

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.ITI6:30 AM
2.New Jagatpura6:35 AM
3.Jagatpura6:45 AM
4.Fatehpur6:55 AM
5.Kathmathi7:05 AM
6.Rorgarh7:15 AM
7.Lang7:25 AM
8.Rongla7:35 AM
9.Career Academy7:45 AM

 Bus No.5.

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.ITI6:35 AM
2.Dughat6:40 AM
3.Kheri Mania6:55 AM
4.Jhambo7:00 AM
5.Kheri Mania Colony7:05 AM
6.Bakshiwala7:15 AM
7.Ucha Gram7:30 AM
8. 9.Sidhuwal Career Academy7:40 AM 7:45 AM

Bus No.6

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.Career Academy6:35 AM
2.Anand Nagar-B St. No.307:00 AM
3.Anand Nagar-B St. No.297:10 AM
4.Vikas Nagar near Mandi7:20 AM
5.Seona Chowk7:25 AM
6.Sukhdev Nagar7:30 AM
7.Seona St. No.17:35 AM
8.Seona St. No.27:40 AM
9.Career Academy7:45 AM

Bus No.7. 

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.Career Academy6:15 AM
2.Kalyan Village6:20 AM
3.Nabha Road Harpal Tiwana6:30 AM
4.Gurdeep Colony6:40 AM
5.Ablowal6:50 AM
6.North Avenue7:00 AM
7.Prem Nagar7:15 AM
8.Khalsa Nagar St. No.17:25 AM
9.Aman Vihar7:35 AM
10.Career Academy7:45 AM

Bus No.8:

Sr. No.Name of StoppageTime
1.ITI6:15 AM
2.Ditupur6:25 AM
3.Dandrala6:35 AM
4.Allowal6:55 AM
5.Simbro7:15 AM
6.Jagatpura Colony7:25 AM
7.Law University7:35 AM
8.Career Academy7:45 AM

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