Uniform & Books

Good quality books are teachers tools leading to excellent academic performance.

Instructions For Parents :-

  1. School believes in good quality books.
  2. Proper care is taken while deciding the Quality and Price of Books.
  3. School bars and ban those Publishers , which unnessary overprice the books.
  4. Books do not change for two years.
  5. Parents are requested to swipe or borrow books from others.
  6. No undue sationary or items are kept in book list.
  7. Parents are requested to invest in PC/Laptop/tab with min 15mb data plan at home for Online Classes during Covid-19 and for future.We believe that Online -studies/classes is going to become regular feature even in Post-Covid era.


Nursery to UKG: Blue and white check frock, Blue Socks, Blue satin Ribbon [For Girls]
Blue and white check shirt, blue half pant with bib, Blue Socks, Blue patka.[For Boys]
I to III: White Shirt with blue tunic above knees. [For Girls]
White Shirt with blue half Pant. [For Boys]
IV to X: White Shirt with blue double ghera Skirt above knees, Blue Socks, Blue satin Ribbon. [For Girls]
White Shirt with blue half Pant (VI onwards Trouser), blue Socks. Blue patka, Turbon compulsory from VII onwards [For Boys]
Sports /House uniform: Every Wednesday and Saturday with white socks. [Boys & Girls]
Navy Blue Ribbon (For Girls), Navy Blue Patka [For Boys]
Activity Dress: Coloured T-shirt with track pant. [Boys & Girls]
Navy Blue Ribbon (For Girls), Navy Blue Patka [For Boys]

Nursery to III : Red and Navy Blue Tracksuit (Boys & Girls)
Red Track Suit : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Blue Track Suit : Wednesday and Saturday.
Girls : Satin Navy Blue Ribbon. (No Fancy Caps)
Boys : Navy Blue Patka (No Fancy Caps)
IV to X : (for Girls) : Dark grey double ghera skirt above knees. White full sleeved shirt, grey woollen socks with stripes. Maroon satin ribbons, Dark grey sweater, School Blazar.
(For Boys) : Dark grey trouser with proper crease. White full sleeved shirt, Dark Grey Sweater. School Blazer, Maroon Patka/Turban Compulsory of Sikh Boys.
Dark Maroon School Blazer with School crest. Compulsory from class 4th onwards.
Winter Track Suit : Every Wednesday & Saturday.

Instructions For Parents :- School Uniform will not change for minimum Two Years. Parents are requested to keep Summer and Winter dresses in Proper way, for re-use. School Uniforms are available at the different shops in the city. To know about proper colour and texture you can visit school or call -7341119682.

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